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The Dog 

  • Important: the dog needs to be chipped, vaccinated and dewormed. Please bring the dog pass with the vaccinations to show on the day of your arrival. 

  • Dogs with contagious diseases, flea infestation, worm infestation or other illnesses which can harm other dogs with infection, are excluded from the dog day-care. Before dog-day-care dogs have to be checked by a vet and the last medical incident has to be noted in the registration form. 

  • Female dogs in heat are excluded from the dog-day-care. 

  • Is the dog not compatible with other dogs, please give this information before booking. Individual day-care is possible with extra charge. Individual day-care includes individual dog-walks, private dog-room, etc...) 

  • Registration at a database, for example Tasso or is a must. The dog needs to wear his dog tag with the number of the database or your own phone number. 

  • For the dog walks we only use short leashes (max. 1,80m). Please provide this for the day-care. Please do not bring a Flexi or similar long leashes.

  • We ask for Information before booking, when the dog shows any behavioral problems. (for example: Aggression with dog encounters on leash, can open doors, chases bikers, cannot stay alone, is insecure, bites, etc...) 

  • In case of medication, special feeding times, etc... please write these exact info in the registration form and provide what is needed during the day. The consent form for the medication is included in the registration form. For the food, please indicate the time and the amount for feeding in the registration form. 

  • Between dogs it can come to confrontation. Injuries can happen while playing or fighting. The health and safety of the dog has priority at all times. However, these incidents cannot always be prevented, even though the dogs are always supervised. In case of emergency, medical attendance is provided when necessary. Costs for a vet visit (if needed) are carried by the owner. 

  • Inadequate behavior, for example unnecessary barking, urine marking, mobbing, fights, are prevented by the carer. 

  • Is a male dog not neutered, please give this information before booking. For non-neutered males we ask for an additional payment, because of the extra effort (urine marking in the dog rooms, conflict between other dogs, dominant behavior, etc...). 

  • It is forbidden, without permission of the carer, to touch strange dogs, disturb play, feeding dogs, etc... 

  • It is only allowed to enter the property, if asked by the carer. Unsupervised entering is forbidden at all times. 

  • The dogs are dropped-off at the day-care and owners are asked to leave immediately. The merge with the other dogs is only done by the carer and no dog owners are allowed on the property during this time. 

  • Dog owner receive videos and photos during the day. Videos and Photos are also posted on Facebook/Instagram. In case you do not want to have photos of your dogs posted, please fill this out on the registration form. 

Appointment inquiry/cancellation 

  • The day-care is reserved, after the payment or deposit have been received and a confirmation of reservation has been sent per email. The day-care can be canceled 24 hours before the appointment. The day-care with overnight stay can only be canceled 1 week in advance. 

  • In case of high-transfer costs or a short term booking, payment is possible in cash. However, a deposit is asked. Please bring the right amount, since often there is no cash change at the day-care. 

  • Is an appointment not taken or canceled too late, it has to be paid 100%. 


  • Free Get-to-know with dog owner and dog. (max. 30 min, only with appointment) 

  • The day-care includes a daily routine with playing, sniffing, walking and quiet time. 

  • The opening times from Google apply.

  • Drop-off time is between 08:00am and 10:00am. 

  • Pick-up time is between 4:00pm and 6:00pm. 

  • We ask to inform us about the exact drop-off time 24 hours before day-care per SMS/WhatsApp and to come on time. Please make sure to come on time. 

Dog-day-care with overnight stay 

  • Free get-to-know with dog-owner and dog. (max. 30 min, only with appointment) 

  • The day-care with overnight stay includes a daily routine with playing, sniffing, walking and quiet time. The dogs are fed mornings and evenings. If Dogs have certain feeding times, it is asked to write this in the registration form. The dogs are let out last time around 22:00 and early morning between 7 and 7:30. 

  • Food for the dog has to be provided by the owner for the term of the stay. If there is not enough food available, this is provided by the carer and additional costs have to be carried by the owner. The payment for additional food, has to be paid latest at pick-up time. 

  • A delivery of dog food is also possible. Delivery by Apollo’s Finest, 6290 Mayrhofen. Orders for the food delivery have to be made before the day care. The menu is attached in the email with the offer for the day care. 

  • Dog crates (122 x 75 x 80 cm) are available if needed. The orthopedic beds are available for use upon request. If the dog has a bed he likes, owners can bring this for the dog-care with overnight stay. 

  • If the owner knows, that the dog cries or barks when alone, I ask for information in advance.


We need following information about you and your dog:
(Sadly our booking tool only works in german)

Booking form
Your name
e-mail address
Telephone number
Number of participants
Your address
Home address
Geburtstag des Halters
Birthday of the owner
Aufenthaltsdatum & Abgabezeit
Date & time of stay
Name des Hundes
Name of the dog
Sex of the dog
Alter des Hundes
Age of the dog
Chip number
Kastriert (JA/NEIN)
Neutered (YES/NO)
Verträglich mit Artgenossen?
Compatible with other dogs?
Allergien? (JA + Angaben/NEIN)
Allergies? (YES + details/NO)
Description of behaviour
Fütterung (Menge + Uhrzeit)
Feeding (amount + time)
Letzter Medizinischer Vorfall
Last medical incident
Letzte Läufigkeit
Last heat
Gemeldet bei, Tasso, oder sonstiges?
Registered with, Tasso, or other?
Gerne möchte ich noch weiteres angeben:
I would like to provide further information:
Ich stimme den Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen zu
I agree to the general terms and conditions
Ich habe das Infoblatt gelesen und stimme zu
I have read and agree to the information sheet
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